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MeVell's Combos

(Served with fries or tots,,can drink)

** fruit punch or lemonade upgrade fee**

(sub fries or tots for baked beans, slaw or potato salad add $1.00)

Hamburger Combo 9.35

Double Trouble Combo 15.25

Chicken Sandwich Combo 8.95

BBQ Shoulder Combo 10.50

BBQ Burger Combo 10.85

4pc Tender combo 10.95

5 pc Thigh or Hot leg 13.87

2 pc Fish Combo 12.50

Chopped Pork Combo 13.50

BBQ Nachos or Fries 12.50 (no sides)

Thank you!


Fries 2.25 (R), 3.25 (L)

tray of fries 6.99, family fries

**reg season .50 extra**

spicy garlic season .75 extra**

onion rings 3.25

a le carte Dinner sides

Baked Beans; Slaw; Potato Salad, Okra, Fries,hush puppies, BBQ Spaghetti, corn bites, tater tots

Special sides:

JoJo Wedges.75, Onion Rings.75

Macaroni 1.00, extra

2.99 (indiv), 4.99 (Large)

MeVell’s Sandwiches

Hamburger 5.85

BBQ Smoke Sausage 4.95

BBQ Bologna 5.50

Fish Sandwich(slaw) 6.50

...add cheese to any sandwich (.35)

BBQ denotes Sandwiches including

slaw and sauce.

Only Combos come with fries and can drinks. (sub fries for Beans, slaw or potato salad 1.00). upcharge on drinks available

MeVell’s Salads/Extras

Reg grilled 9.50

Buffalo fried salad 10.50 (with sauce)

      (lettuce, tomato, chicken or pork, eggs, cheese,grilled onions, dressing)

Fried Tomatoes (6) 5.99

Hot Pickles 3.50(select flavors)

Fried Spear pickles (4) 4.99

Rolls .50 each

MeVell's toasted Buns .75/ each

Dressing .50 each/2oz or 1.00 each/4 oz

add cheese .35, extra eggs. 75

add 1.00 mix sauce fee


Pepsi Products can 1.25

Fountain 20 oz 1.99

                  32 oz 2.65

Bottled water 1.00

combo drink up-charge

.75 reg/ 1.50 Lg

*All prices subject to change online and in restaurant.

**Absolutely NO REFUNDS! Exchanges only on selected items....

Thank you!

MeVell's Hot  Legs, Thighs & Wings

*** served with pickles and 1-2oz dressing

 BBQ ,Hot, Honey Gold, Honey BBQ, Honey Hot, Sweet Heat, Ranch (Seas, Mild, Hot, Honey or Spicy}, Season(wet or dry), Lemon Pepper(we​t or dry),

Garlic Butter

(Plain, Spicy or Parmesan)

5pc-Thighs or legs/10.37

(avail as combo)

Whole wings a le carte

(call for pricing.)

50 pc or more must preorder.

*** additional flavors add 1.00

*** additional Dressing add

.50/ 2oz

1.00/4 oz

Thank you!


As of March 1st 2021 there will be a 3% card fee on all purchases.

 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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