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 *** Holiday Family Deals Ideas ***

Grill deal

Get a full slab of MeVell's tender pit smoked ribs with choice of two of our Homemade Large sides of either  or...

Spaghetti, Baked Beans or our delicious Coleslaw for 65.99+ get all three Large sides for 70.00+.


*Slab ribs (2) meal

BBQ Butt

Family Baked Beans

Family Slaw                  or...


**Slab ribs(3) meal 175.00+

comes with BBQ sauce only..

BBQ Butt

Family Slaw

Family Baked Beans


comes with BBQ Sauce only

MeVell's Wing lovers ... They are 

Back! Whole wings a le all your favorite flavors.

The 5 thighs or Hot legs 10.37

any flavor served with ranch only..(available  as combo)


The 3 thighs or Hot legs meal 10.99

served with. fries, 2 oz slaw,  roll and dressing

The choice is yours!

Pork Chop & Fries

Deep Fried Pork Chop served with fries and toasted bread. $10

Spicy Chick Sandwich

(pictured below) $3

Home of the Double Trouble

("you haven't been in trouble til ya get in a double trouble")

2 larger than life delicious hand pressed grill cooked patties well seasoned to satisfy your taste buds. Add cheese or not either way it's a win win situation with this juicy mouthwatering delight. Picture shows added Bacon with fresh lettuce , tomatoes, pickles, grilled onions with a light mayo spread.

Feeling a little naughty?

Make it worth while and get in Double Trouble. A MeVell's Double Trouble that is. Oh and don't forget to add those seasoned fries and a refreshing fountain drink of fruit punch or lemonade. (Canned drinks also available).

Silly Philly sandwich (Mevell it to make it a combo with fries and drink)

all day long! (Chicken and Steak)  (discontinued)

Haven't tried the Philly Cheese Steak?

You are really missing a treat. Imagine this in steak or chicken, mixed with caramelized grilled onions and bell peppers with melted colby cheddar cheese mix, on a 6in toasted wheat roll, topped with lettuce, tomato.. accompanied with a regular side of fries (season extra), and washing it all down with a cool and refreshing back in the day fountain koolaide lemonade or fruit punch. Hungry yet? This Philly will make you Silly!(sold as single sandwich item only). MeVell it to make it a combo for $3.50 more

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